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Sennebogen Crane VFD and Electrical Repair refurbishment

Sennebogen Crane VFDs. EMA has for a number of years repaired and serviced the Schneider- Vatech- Ellin MX ECO VFD. Sennebogen Cranes use the MX ECO VFD to run the hydraulic pumps that power the Sennebogen crane. The VFD was originally manufactured by Ellin, which became VA Tech, which was then purchased by Schneider. EMA has worked, upgraded, tuned, and repaired the MX ECO VFD on a number of Sennebogen Cranes world wide. The Sennebogen cranes are popular cranes used in a variety of applications from log yards, marine environments, to mining operations. Sennebogen Cranes are known for their toughness and flexibility.

senneboganEMA can refurbish the Sennebogen Crane VFDs and electrics.

As of this writing, we are upgrading and refurbishing the electrics on a Sennebogen Crane using a MX ECO VFD going to New Zealand to allow operation on 50 HZ power.

The Ellin – VA Tech – Schneider MX ECO Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is used to precisely control the speed of the hydraulic motors within the Sennebogen crane. Precise motor speed is normally required for proper crane operation and the Sennebogen Crane MX ECO VFD does this admirably.

These MX ECO Sennebogen Crane VFDs often operate in harsh environments, and have historically done a great job. IF you need service or expertise on a crane drive, including the Sennebogen VFD MX ECO crane drives, call us at 770-448-4644.

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