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A Different Approach to Field Service of Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drive troubleshooting is an art that requires understanding of VFDs themselves and why certain issues occur. EMA does more than troubleshoot to find the problem, we offer solutions for solving the problem AND prevent it from happening in the future.

Systematic Approach to VFD Field Service

Because we’ve been around for over 30 years, we’re well versed in any VFD-related issue you could possibly throw at us. We’ve been blessed to “grow up” as VFDs have grown up, especially on Medium Voltage VFDs. Having electrical knowledge and experience is extremely valuable, but because VFDs are such an esoteric piece of equipment, having specific VFD knowledge is rare. I can teach my 9 year old daughter to take readings on a VFD and even show her where do to it, but without the understanding of what is behind the scenes of that reading, it is just digits on a meter. EMA utilizes a systematic approach to troubleshooting that allows us to not only find the problem, but also resolve it and help you prevent it from happening again. Our field service engineers thrive in “real world” situations and realize it is often not the most complicated thing that leads to a problem. All of EMA’s upper management, including our founder, were at one time field service engineers. Our company approach is to systematically eliminate possibilities until we hone into the real problem, which oftentimes is something uncomplicated or outside of the VFD. Anyone can come throw a bunch of parts at a problem, which will, eventually solve it, but EMA is more interested in getting you up and running quickly than selling you parts.

Small Company Feel, Large Company Reach

Although EMA has become a service organization with a worldwide reach, we haven’t forgotten our roots. Our goal is to eliminate the red tape and bureaucracy that drives you crazy when you just need some expert help! The accompanying map shows all the places that EMA has been just in the last two years servicing medium and low voltage variable frequency drives. When you call us, we’ll be on the next thing smoking if that’s what you need. We’re not going to bury you under a mound of paperwork in order to get some help. We understand what many of our competitors do not: you can’t afford to waste a second on downtime.

EMA has VFD customers all across North America

Impartial and Unbiased VFD Experts

Many customers feel handcuffed to their drive’s manufacturer for service; there is an alternative! One advantage of using EMA is that our loyalty doesn’t lie with the manufacturer, our loyalty is to you! What manufacturer’s technician wants to put their company in a bad light? We will shoot you straight about what’s really going on; avoid the run around by using us.

Another advantage to us is if there is a failure so great that it requires replacement, we’re able to offer you an unbiased approach to solutions that meet your needs, not the manufacturers we represent.

The Answer to Your VFD Questions

With more than 30 years providing top-quality service, EMA is able to handle any challenge you have with your Variable Frequency Drives. If you have one, it will break. When it breaks, we can fix it. EMA can diagnose the situation, get the parts, fix it in the field and get you back up and running. 


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