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Medium Voltage VFD Training

We’re now offering hands-on training on Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives (MV VFDs)

Industrial Internet of ThingsUnlike low voltage VFDs, the MV VFD manufacturing/market is in its infancy stage. In recent times, many if not most major manufacturers have introduced their own versions of Medium Voltage VFDs. With the expiration of the Robicon/Siemens patent in 2014 and the overall cost of electronics coming down, the market is seeing major expansion, with new players entering the medium voltage VFD field. Many of these new products are based on some form of an improved cascaded H bridge topology, as initially introduced by Siemens Robicon.

The original cascaded H bridge that Robicon designed, was based on 7 level topology (see our blog on MV VFD topology). Most of the manufacturers in the USA who used a similar design have made improvements from seven level medium voltage VFD topology up to nine levels considering phase to neutral or 17 levels considering phase to phase on a 4160V VFD. Others employed more complex switching mechanisms that resulted in neutral point clamping(NPC) along with cell bypass and redundant cell systems.

As a 26 year old service company, EMA has stayed abreast of robiconteststandtechnological changes in the VFD industry for obvious reasons. We have to be well informed on the various designs of of Medium Voltage VFDs in order to better service the wide variety of drives now in use. (in addition to knowing what type to sell into which application)

We have been working with MV VFD manufacturers to provide authorized service and start up on their medium voltage drives.

We have done this type of ASP (Authorized Service Provider) service for almost all low voltage VFD manufacturers at one time or another. We are seeing an increase in demand for this type of service in Medium Voltage VFDs.

We’re seeing increased numbers of the MV VFDs installed, and consequently, our customers have suggested that we offer training on this equipment.

To that end, we recently started offering Medium Voltage VFD training at our Norcross, GA facility and have invested in load test stands on both the Toshiba T300MVi VFD and the Siemens/Robicon Harmony Medium Voltage VFD. We provide hands on troubleshooting and programming on both MV VFDs in addition to the theory.

Contact us by any of the methods on the right of this page, or call 770-448-4644 for details and class schedule on Medium Voltage VFD training.

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