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We offer free, no-obligation evaluations and guarantee all the repair work we do. We are not currently accepting any repairs under 100 Horsepower

Shop Repair

EMA’s roots are deep in shop repair and refurbishment. Although what we repair has changed over the years, our commitment to quality has not. EMA has one of the most advanced medium voltage power cell repair facilities in the country, and we have large load stands in order to properly load test your medium voltage power cells and high-horsepower low voltage drives. Take a virtual tour to see more!

Our repair process:

  • Equipment is checked in and given a job number
  • Equipment is evaluated for free by an EMA service engineer in order to determine what is wrong and what parts will be needed
  • The repair is quoted to the customer if necessary.
    • Sometimes, we can’t find anything wrong and a full load test will be quoted
  • If approved by the customer, the equipment is repaired, fully tested, and shipped back to the customer

What you can expect:

  • A fair and honest evaluation
    • We won’t quote you a repair if it isn’t needed
  • Communication throughout the repair process
  • A returned repair that has been thoroughly checked and tested
  • A comprehensive warranty
    • Although very rare, we honor our comprehensive warranty no matter what went wrong with the equipment
    • Our medium voltage repairs come with a 1 year warranty 
    • Our low voltage repairs come with a 6 month warranty

Medium Voltage Cell Repair

EMA regularly repairs medium voltage power cells. We have load test stands for power cells from the following drives: Toshiba T300MVi, T300MV2, and T300BMV2, TMEIC Dura-Bilt5i, Siemens/Robicon Perfect Harmony, and Eaton SC9000. Take our virtual tour to see our Norcross, GA shop repair facility.

AC And DC Drive Repair

EMA has experience working with almost every kind of variable frequency drive in the world. When it comes to drives, we have direct experience with dozens of manufacturers worldwide. Whether it’s a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) or an older DC drive, we are the best in the business at repairing VFDs and DC drives.

GE Multilin Repair

EMA repairs GE Multilins. We repair the Multilin 469, the Multilin 750 and most others. We developed an in-house test stand for these, so we know all elements of the Multilin have been properly checked.

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