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If you’d like to see an example of a typical preventative maintenance report, please contact us.

Preventative Maintenance

EMA regularly provides preventative maintenance on nearly all brands of Medium Voltage AC drives, Low Voltage Drives and DC drives. We have vast experience performing preventative and predictive maintenance on the following Medium Voltage VFDs: Toshiba T300MVi/MV2, Siemens/Robicon Perfect Harmony Series, Allen Bradley Powerflex 7000, TMEIC Dura-Bilt 5i and MVe2, and Eaton SC9000.

Our trained technicians will spot potential problems and recommend corrective actions before a failure causes unscheduled and costly downtime. Email us or call us at the number above to schedule or get a quote on Preventative Maintenance on your VFDs.

Do you want the ultimate solution for Preventative and Predictive Maintenance? The DriveScan Remote Monitoring Tool not only continuously monitors all elements of drive health but also predicts potential failures before they happen. Contact us for more information on DriveScan.

What’s Involved In Routine Preventive Maintenance?


Verify power supplies for tolerance

Power supplies can drift out of tolerance due to electronic problems such as faulty electrolytic caps. These will eventually cause a complete shutdown.

Observe relevant waveforms for best operation​

Observe relevant waveforms for best operation

We typically look at the supplies, output waveforms, reference signals and feedback signals. This often uncovers otherwise hidden problems.

signal wiring

Shielding properly terminated and verify signal wiring

Improper shielding can cause the erratic and intermittent behavior of drive equipment, and loose signal wiring is a primary cause of drive equipment downtime.

clean drive

Clean the drive

Dust and other foreign materials can create cooling problems, hide damaged components, cause corrosion, and cause arcing and other damage.

Check motor resistance and connections​

Check motor resistance and connections

Motors often exhibit changes in resistance prior to failing.


Evaluate Fault History

By examining the fault history of the drive, our technicians will get a better understanding of past problems and be better informed to help resolve those problems.


Verify all power connections

Power connections can loosen over time due to vibration and heat-related expansion and contraction. Loose power connections can cause blown fuses, tripped breakers, damage to terminal strips, insulation failure, and ground faults.