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OVER 30 Years Of Electronic Motor Drives EXPERTISE

EMA began in 1990 under humble circumstances. EMA founder Eddie Mayfield provided repair services on electronic motor drives from his home in Lilburn, GA for a small group of clients building trust and a reputation for quality and honesty.

While the company has grown into a mature, mid-sized business with an array of products, services, and clients of all sizes, the spirit of the company has retained the small-feeling personal touch and quality of service from those early days.

EMA provides medium voltage products and services to customers ranging from the small and local to the large and multi-national. If you google “medium voltage VFD” for instance, you’ll find that EMA is very active and noted in this field. On any given day, you’ll find EMA personnel on offshore oil platforms, cement plants, pipelines, and water and wastewater facilities.

Unmatched service and satisfaction

In 2010, EMA made a company-wide decision to shift our primary focus to medium voltage VFD service and sales. Since then, EMA has accumulated one of the largest stocks of refurbished and new medium voltage VFDs in the country. EMA has engineered load test stands to repair and test medium voltage cells from the Siemens/Robicon Perfect Harmony Series, Toshiba T300MVi, TMEIC Dura-Bilt5i, and Eaton SC9000 MV VFD. We take extreme pride in our expertise in medium voltage drives of all brands.

Over the years, EMA has earned a strong reputation in the industry from peers, partner companies, and customers. In fact, EMA boasts one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry with over 98% of all customers reporting that they are “highly satisfied” with their experience with EMA.

EMA is especially known for being both able and willing to tackle tough repair and integration projects saving customer’s thousands of dollars in time and replacement costs.

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At the root of EMA’s business is the commitment to a core set of values that every employee must sign when hired and which govern every aspect of how the company does business. These values not only reflect the founder’s Christian faith but allow EMA’s employees to be proud of working for a principled company.

These values, along with a team of experienced and well-trained technicians and engineers, are what makes EMA a leader in the industry and a reliable partner for many businesses and business owners. It’s also what makes the team at EMA excited to continue this quality of work and service as we enter the third decade and beyond.
Our aim is to prove on a daily basis that

No One, ANYWHERE Is Better At Drives Than We Are!

Our values

All persons employed are expected to embrace the following values: