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Medium Voltage VFDs in E Houses

The cost of a medium voltage VFD project involves more than just the medium voltage variable frequency drive (VFD). Putting the drive in an E House is often a viable solution.When dealing with large drives, such as medium voltage VFDs, the question of specifically where to put them is often paramount. This was easier to resolve when applying smaller drives, but medium voltage VFDs are large and heavy.

There are normally four options:

  1. Find space in an existing structure.
  2. Build a new building
  3. Buy a medium voltage VFD in a Nema 3R outdoor enclosure
  4. Have the drives installed in an E House

Toshiba MTX In general, the least expensive option, if available, is number one, using an existing structure. The most expensive is usually option 2.

That leaves buying a medium voltage VFD in a NEMA 3R enclosure or an E House. The easiest possible installation is the NEMA 3 R option, and for one medium voltage VFD, in the 5000 or less HP range, it may be the best solution.

If you need more than one medium voltage VFD, or a drive larger than 5000 HP, the E House may be the most viable option.

You should also consider that the E House could contain switchgear, PLCs, and other control equipment which might be difficult to mount otherwise.

The advantage of an E House is obvious; you’re getting a prefabricated and tested complete unit, that can just be dropped on the site. The disadvantage is the cost, both of the E House, and transportation.

So, the best option? I know its not a satisfactory answer, but it depends. Do you have space for the medium voltage VFD? If so, then put it there. If not, then your choices are to construct a building, or purchase either an E House or NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure for your medium voltage VFD.

The great thing is, here at EMA we can help you decide. Contact us by any of the methods on the right of this page, OR call 770-448-4644. (We can also service the medium voltage drives you already have)

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