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VFD Remote Monitoring Brings Peace of Mind

Who doesn’t need a little extra peace in their life? You deal with enough stress in your job; failures on your Medium Voltage Drives should not be one of them. EMA and Powerside have partnered to develop a solution to remotely monitor the health of your Medium Voltage VFDs from anywhere in the world.

The way you currently monitor your Medium Voltage VFDs does not bring about peace in your life, it keeps you up at night, wondering what will happen when your drive goes down.

Medium Voltage Drive Remote Monitoring with DriveScan offers you peace of mind in 4 distinct ways:

peace of mind with remote monitoring drives1. Constant Monitoring:

Your medium voltage variable frequency drive is ALWAYS being monitored. DriveScan is monitoring key elements of your VFD at all times at a lightning-fast scan rate. This data trends 24/7, 365 so if an event happens that takes your drive down, you have all the information at your fingertips to determine what happened and why.

2. No More Unknowns

Many of us fear the unknown; peace of mind comes from knowing the unknown. Without remote monitoring, no one knows what is going on inside your medium voltage drive. Medium voltage VFDs are reliable yes, but there are multiple things that can lead to failures and without monitoring, the minor issues that lead to major ones will remain unknown. Gain the peace of mind that comes from actually knowing, in real time, what the health of your VFD is.

3. Predictive Algorithms:

The patented Artificial Intelligence within DriveScan can predict and alarm you when things are out of tolerance, predicting failure BEFORE it happens. And the longer you have it monitoring, the better the algorithms are. Capacitor and power supply related failures are very common on VFDs, but DriveScan monitors both of these telling you when they are failing, before something catastrophic happens. This allows you to remedy the problem during a scheduled time, not during an emergency breakdown.

4. The Experts In Your Corner:

partner with remote monitoring medium voltage drive expertsThe technology alone is revolutionary but couple it with the Experts and EMA and Powerside and you have the most dynamic combination in Medium Voltage Drive support anywhere. EMA can remotely troubleshoot your medium voltage VFD from anywhere, saving you money and downtime. EMA has been easing customer’s VFD concerns for over 30 years and with DriveScan, we can do that even more effectively and efficiently now.

Let EMA Partner with you to let you rest a bit easier at night. Remote Monitoring by DriveScan really can give you peace of mind. Click the chat to the right, call us, or email info@emainc.net to discuss how DriveScan can offer you peace of mind today!


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