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Fuelfix estimates that trillions of dollars more in oilfield projects are subject to cancellation due to low crude prices. Companies are looking for ways to cut capital costs, and surplus medium voltage VFDs are a viable option.

Toshiba Medium Voltage VFDMany companies are reticent to purchase surplus or used medium voltage variable frequency drives (VFDs) due to the perceived risks. And indeed, one does have to be careful.

However, buying from a company that can refurbish, test, and guarantee the medium voltage VFDs can go a long way toward alleviating those concerns.

The problem, as a used car person once told me, is no one really makes used cars, so flexibility in brand and features is required. But, the cost savings can be enormous.

Here’s something everyone should understand: The COST of a medium voltage motor is not primarily its purchase price; it’s the cost of power to run it. But, since the majority of medium voltage VFDs are on centrifugal loads, having the motor on a drive vs across the power line more than pays for the VFD cost. (See Energy Savings using Medium Voltage VFDs)

So the economic argument for even a new VFD is legitimate. But, with money in the oilfields tight, the argument for a surplus or used VFD can be very attractive.

surplus robicon perfect harmonyWe sell, commission, and service new medium voltage VFDs. However, we also stock, refurbish, test, sell, and guarantee surplus and used VFDs. We have VFDs in stock ranging from 500 to 3000 horsepower at the moment. Some of them are brand new from cancelled projects, and others are used. All are major brands of medium voltage variable frequency drives.

IF you’ll be needing a medium voltage VFD within the next two years, you’d be well advised to check out the unusual bargains we have available right now. These surplus medium voltage VFDs are sold on a first come basis, so get in the front of the line.

Call us at 770-448-4644 and talk to us about your needs, or use any of the contact methods on the right of this page. You’re welcome to visit us in the Atlanta area and look at our stock. We’d be glad to show you what we have.

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