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VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Field Service

(We have an opening for a VFD Field Service Tech in our Norcross, GA facility.. email us at )EMA has been doing nationwide field service on Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for more than 20 years. During that time we’ve seen the type of VFD field service calls we get change quite a bit. VFD Field ServiceVFD Field service can vary from a simple HVAC fan or pump VFD to a complex vector controlled winder VFD. (NOTE: IF you require field service on a VFD- hit the contact icons on the right OR call 800-848-2504800-848-2504.. )

In general, VFD field service, especially on stand alone variable frequency drives, has moved toward higher horsepower VFDs. The cost of a smaller VFD relative to a VFD field service call has made replacement of a small horsepower VFD a viable option in many cases. (IF you need a VFD quickly- hit the contact icons on the right OR call 800-848-2504800-848-2504)

That doesn’t hold true for coordinated VFD systems; due to the complexity often associated with VFD systems. In addition, it’s usually not true in the event of high performance VFDs, such as servo drives.

It may also not be true in the event of an obsolete or discontinued VFD. ManyVFD Field Service facilities find it more cost effective to use VFD field service to get a unit running, even when that call may exceed the original price of the VFD. In that case, the managers have decided that the downtime or system revision cost may

be more than the added VFD field service.

Here at EMA, we offer free technical support for basic VFD problems, and very often that will resolve a minor issue on a VFD. (read about that HERE)

IMG_0227In recent years, EMA has been doing more and more large horsepower and medium voltage VFD field service. Medium voltage VFDs are typically rated for either 2300 or 4160 vac, although we also find them occasionally at other voltages. Medium Voltage VFD field service is almost always on higher horsepower applications, since medium voltage VFDs are normally too expensive to use at lower ratings.

Medium voltage VFD field service is not for the faint of heart. As we often say, “there is no casual contact with medium voltage.” Consequently this type of VFD field service requires strict attention to safety.

We also do VFD startup or commissioning calls. Those are normally more involved than regular variable frequency drive field service calls. Very often one has to setup data communications, integrate into an existing system, and spend time tuning the VFD.

More often on VFD field service calls, the VFD has been running for some time, so the task is simply to repair what is wrong, check the tuning and systems operation, and get the customer’s VFD running again as quickly as possible.

We’re very blessed at EMA, to have a great customer satisfaction rating as regards VFD field service, and in fact, we have the highest rated customer satisfaction rating that we’re aware of within our industry.

We have several blogs on our site about specific VFD field service calls.. hit our BlOG page and look them over.

You can reach us conveniently by hitting any of the contact icons on the right, by clicking the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page, or by calling any of our offices- all listed at the bottom of this page. You can call us toll free within the United States at 800-848-2504800-848-2504.

No One, Anywhere, is better at drives than we are.. not a brag.. just a fact.. try us!


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