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Seco DS9000 Repair

EMA repairs SECO DS9000 controllers.

ds9000testOur motto at EMA is “No one, Anywhere is Better at Drives than We are.” Something we take very seriously and believe.

Yet in addition to drive repair and service, we specialize in repairing many hard-to-replace products such as industrial monitors (industrial-monitor-touch-screen-repair), GE Multilins (multilin-repair-service-and-setup) , and softstarters (operation-and-repair-electric-motor-softstarters).

Another esoteric type repair with which we are very familiar is the Seco DS9000 Digital Speed Controller. These units, long since obsolete, are still repairable at EMA.

When Seco went out of business in the early 2000’s, EMA bought the factory TE-95-65 load test stand as well as all the remaining new printed circuit boards and parts for these units. When you send you DS9000 to EMA for repair, you can be assured it will be repaired with original factory parts and tested with the original factory test stand engineered by Seco themselves; every element of the DS9000 will be tested at a reasonable price.

Do you have a pile of SECO DS9000 units sitting in a corner of your plant somewhere? Send them to EMA and let us repair them for you today.

Call 800-848-2504800-848-2504 OR, hit any of the contact links on the right of this page.


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