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Medium Voltage Drives: Toshiba T300MVI VFD

The Toshiba T300MVI Medium Voltage Drive is one of the best and most innovative medium voltage VFDs on the market.

toshiba 1000EMA stocks and sells the Toshiba Medium Voltage Drive. The Toshiba medium voltage VFD is known as the T300MVI medium voltage drive. The first Toshiba medium voltage drive was installed in 2002, and was manufactured in Houston, Texas. Toshiba now manufactures more medium voltage drives per month than anyone else.

We’ve sold quite a few of the Toshiba medium voltage drives, and have yet to have the first significant issue with any of them. We not only stock and sell the Toshiba medium voltage VFD, we commission them.

We have sold other medium voltage vfd s, and we don’t have anything negative to say about any medium voltage drive on the market. In general, the manufacturers have done a good job of building reliable medium voltage vfd s, that are coming down in cost, and have great reliability.

We routinely service other medium voltage VFDs, including the Robicon VFD, the Allen Bradley VFD, the WEG VFD, the GE VFD, and the ABB VFD. We stock both air and liquid cooled power cells for the Robicon Perfect Harmony medium voltage VFD.

We even have medium voltage VFDs for rental. (Click HERE for info)

Here are a few features of the Toshiba T300MVI medium voltage drive that we really like:

  • 5 step topology to greatly reduce harmonic and motor noise issues
  • 24 pulse input to reduce line current harmonics (noise and harmonics are a BIG problem with some MV VFD s)
  • Input Switch Gear and Vacuum Contactors included in standard package (is an adder with most other medium voltage drives)
  • Active bus clamp to eliminate common mode motor voltage issues
  • Operates almost any existing motor without additional filtering
  • Can operate into output cables of up to 1000 feet without additional filtering.

IF you’re interested in seeing one of these, we have them in stock at our Norcross, GA facility, OR, we can arrange a factory visit for you to Houston.

We view the medium voltage drive market to be in the same place that the low voltage VFD market was in the early 80’s. More and more manufacturers are getting in the business, and the demand is growing.

However, just as it was in the early 80’s, customer and technical service is lacking a bit from the manufacturers. That’s where EMA comes in. We are one of the most experienced companies in the country in medium voltage drives, and we have customers telling us that our expertise and customer service orientation has proven invaluable to them in buying and starting medium voltage VFDs.

Let us prove ourselves to you! Call 770-448-4644770-448-4644 or use any of the contact methods on the right of this page.

No One, Anywhere, is better at medium voltage drives than we are..


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