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What you need to know about DriveScan Remote Monitoring Tool

A basic internet search of medium voltage drive manufacturers often creates more questions than answers, with dense blocks of dry information and little else in the way of conversational language. That’s where EMA Inc. stands out from the crowd. We’re here to talk to you like a person, whether you do business with us or not.

Our innovative, industry-leading DriveScan remote monitoring tool provides continuous, comprehensive monitoring for medium voltage drives — perfect for drive health monitoring, predictive actions, increased drive uptime, reduced operation and service costs, and so much more. Our optimized MV drive management includes expert power quality remote monitoring, analysis, and support. No medium voltage VFD manufacturer provides what EMA does; the competition is no competition.

A man standing next to a wall of remote monitoring tools
EMA General Manager Abdou Barrow with a DriveScan on a Toshiba T300MVi

The best thing about our remote monitoring tool? Its smart fleet management provides an instant health overview of every drive, with easy-to-understand dashboard graphics like traffic-light indicators that shows the severity of an issue and trend tracking capabilities for root cause analysis. Simply put, it’s the best monitoring tool on the market.

Preventing Downtime With Real-Time Monitoring

As you’ve likely experienced, most medium voltage drives tend to stop working at the worst times, causing service interruptions and massive headaches. The resulting downtime undermines productivity and cuts sharply into revenue — in fact, the average VFD drive service call can cost up to $75,000! Combined with enormous lost production costs, an outage can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The peace of mind that comes with our DriveScan remote monitoring tool is well worth the price.

With traditional medium voltage drive monitoring, a slew of inefficiencies can hamper your reliability engineers’ abilities to perform their tasks effectively. First and foremost, standard remote monitoring tools are reactive; failures are identified only after they’ve occurred, which isn’t much help. DriveScan proactively troubleshoots vulnerabilities so you can thwart a potential VFD failure before it happens. Disaster recovery is much easier to achieve when the disaster is averted in the first place.

Additionally, traditional variable frequency drive monitoring requires an expert’s on-site diagnosis to determine the probable cause. Getting an on-site technician can cause additional problems, as many technicians are equipped to troubleshoot low-voltage drives, but may not have the expertise necessary to troubleshoot medium voltage VFDs.

Luckily, EMA’s remote monitoring tool is exactly that: remote. No on-site engineer is necessary, which saves both time and money. Our revolutionary solution captures event signatures to accelerate valuable root-cause analysis, and DriveScan collects VFD data and trends in real time to drill down to the root cause, eliminating costly premature parts replacement.

Time equals money: Just consider the repair times of drive failures with DriveScan compared to those without. Physically going to the drive and performing lockout/tagout procedures takes at least 40 minutes. Add another hour for the initial inspection and up to four days for a VFD expert to travel to the site and determine the problem. Once it’s all figured out and fixed, you’ve lost up to a week or more. With DriveScan, issues are processed in real time and the repair can be done in as little as one day.

What DriveScan’s Remote Monitoring Tool Can Do

To be sure, remote monitoring is the way things will get done in the future; it’s the way forward-thinking companies are getting the job done today. Be ahead of the curve and join the movement now. Still not convinced?Tools for DriveScan in field

Think of how dynamic and flexible EMA’s DriveScan solution is. On top of taking live measurements, our remote monitoring tool continuously tracks and trends measured data from the medium voltage VFD at a refresh rate of 30 microseconds. The resulting trends can be reviewed and compared to uncover insights to improve productivity and performance, including DC Bus capacitor degradation that occurs over time.

The solution was built to be user-friendly and allows you to set triggers to any and all collected data for your particular needs. DriveScan then captures and sends snapshots of all conditions when that specific trigger occurred to help streamline your efforts and save valuable time. DriveScan is a comprehensive remote monitoring tool, overseeing all low-voltage power supplies as well as the incoming line — capturing trends in voltage, current, DC bus of individual power modules, and ripple ratios while simultaneously gathering power quality data such as line swags, swells, transients, and harmonic content. DriveScan also monitors all output related data, such as output voltage/current and frequency.

But wait — there’s more! Users can set triggered warnings and events based on individual preference, and DriveScan generates a slew of insightful reports, weekly, monthly, semi-annually and yearly, to help you track and treat your drive so it sustains optimal health. We offer advice for scheduled maintenance and provide round-the-clock remote troubleshooting support from our roster of expert engineers.

To learn more about how our DriveScan remote monitoring tool can help you and your business, request a private discussion today!


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