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Repair on PDrive (VA Tech) Mx Eco and Mx Plus VFD

Schneider Electric purchased Vatech / Pdrive some time ago, and there is some confusion regarding service on the Pdrive MX ECO and MX Plus VFD s. EMA has a great deal of experience repairing the MX Eco and the MX Plus VFD s. Mx Plus and Mx Eco VFDPDrive, which later became VAtech, was purchased by Schneider Electric. The VaTech / Pdrive MX Eco and Mx Plus VFD s were a popular product.

EMA was the North American service center for VA Tech, and has serviced the MX Eco and MX Plus VFDs for over 15 years. See “A Tough VFD.”

We have experience working on the Schneider / VaTech/ Pdrive MX Eco and MX Plus VFD s on the Herrenknecht and the Robbins Tunnel Boring Machines.

Additionally, we have worked on the Schneider / VaTech/ Pdrive MX ECO and MX Plus VFDs on the Engel Machines and Krauss Maffei extruders. We offer both shop and field service work on the MX ECO and MX Plus VFDs.

IF you need either field service or shop repairs on the Schneider Pdrive (VaTech) Mx Eco or Mx Plus VFDs, call 800-848-2504 or hit any of the contact methods on the right of this page.

EMA enjoys over a 98% “very satisfied” rate.. the highest in the industry!

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