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VFD (AC Drive) Field Service

Many of us thought that VFD field service would have declined by now, given the higher reliability and lower cost of Variable Frequency Drives. But in fact, at least at our company, that’s not been the case.

(NOTE: IF you require VFD field service on a low or medium voltage VFD, click the “live support” icon or contact us on the right of this page. )

VFD field service has changed in many ways. It’s less common now to perform field service on a small variable torque application VFD. There was a time when VFD field service actually meant doing circuit board component level repairs in the field. While we still do that on rare occasions, it’s very uncommon on modern VFD field service calls.

We do a great deal of field service on VFDs, but much of it is on larger horsepower, often medium voltage, VFDs, or, on difficult applications. To be sure, we still do daily field service on HVAC VFDs, but those are often replacement situations given the low cost of those VFDs.

Is repair of VFDs during a field service call viable? Certainly, and we do it every day. IF the drive is critical, or if a replacement isn’t readily available, repair might be the best option.

Medium Voltage VFD field service very often entails an on-site repair. These are large, expensive units, often on critical appliciations. We do field servcie regularly on Robicon, Toshiba, GE TMEIC, and Allen Bradley medium voltage VFDs.

VFD Field Service often involves a lot more than the VFD. We routinely have to resolve communication bus issues, PLC issues, and application issues. The goal isn’t just to repair a VFD, it’s to get the customer’s equipment up and running.

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