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The Toshiba T300MVI medium voltage VFD is a popular drive, and we offer field service and repair, including power cell repairs.

Toshiba T300MVI RepairWhile the Toshiba T300MVi medium voltage VFD is reliable, it does occasionally require service. Field service on the T300MVi can range from simple and quick fixes, to extensive depending upon the circumstances.

Tuning, is not for the faint of heart, or the technically challenged. The keypad is not intuitive, and there are parameters that cannot be accessed by the keypad.

Toshiba has interface software that allows a PC to communicate with the T300MVi, but like the keypad, it is not for the technically challenged; it does allow access to otherwise hidden parameters.

The Toshiba T300MVi mediumToshiba t300 MVI repairvoltage VFD, has three separate inverter/power cells, one for each output phase. These cells can be removed, and either sent for repair, or replaced relatively easy (again, not a job for inexperienced people) . WE REPAIR THE POWER CELLS… call 770-448-4644 or hit the contact methods on the right of this page

The input section(s) are a number of diodes and fuses, that require quite a bit of work to replace.

Fortunately, component failures are relatively rare, because the T300MVi medium voltage VFD is well protected.

There are other failures you can run into, such as logic issues, cooling issues, and communication issues. You can also experience power issues, including the input switch gear and vacuum contactor.

Field service and repair on the Toshiba T300MVi requires expertise with this particular drive, and with medium voltage VFDs in general. Field service on medium voltage VFDs, including the Toshiba T300MVi should only be attempted by experienced personnel.

In addition to repair and field service on the Toshiba T300MVi, we also do Preventive and Predictive maintenance on these units. That has proven to be valuable in avoiding unscheduled down time for users of the T300MVi.

Medium voltage VFDs in general and the Toshiba T300MVi medium voltage VFD in particular are normally on critical applications.

Field service and repair is normally an emergency and requires a rapid response.

In essence, that’s what we do. We respond quickly to field service requests on the Toshiba T300MVi medium voltage VFD, and we have a great reputation with its users.

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