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Medium Voltage VFD Service

A core expertise at EMA Inc. is our medium voltage VFD Drive service. We commission, start, tune, repair, and do preventive maintenance (PM) on medium voltage drives (VFDs) on a daily basis. bearcreek2Service work on medium voltage VFD equipment is not for the faint of heart.

(NOTE: IF YOU REQUIRE SERVICE ON A MEDIUM VOLTAGE VFD.. call 770-448-4644 or hit any of the contact methods on the right of this page now)

Medium Voltage VFD service is difficult first of all, because you’re dealing with lethal voltages. As we remind ourselves often, “there is no casual contact with medium voltage.”

Safety procedures must be carefully followed when servicing medium voltage drives (VFD ).

Aside from the lethal voltages, medium voltage VFD service tends to be on large horsepower machines. Mechanical procedures and safety must be followed as well to prevent substantial machine damage and personnel injury.

Medium Voltage VFD service requires a deeper understanding of VFD technology than does low voltage VFD work. Almost all medium voltage VFD s we service have phase shifted inputs to minimize power line disturbances. (See “Harmonics, how do they affect your equipment?” )

Additionally, in most medium voltage VFDs we service, the power line is not rectified into one large DC Bus, but rather into several lower voltage DC Buses. The medium voltage VFD service tech must take this into account, along with the more complex inverter sections required to use these multiple buses and synthesize the medium voltage vfd waveform output to the motor.

The majority of medium voltage VFDs we service are on centrifugal loads, which from a VFD application standpoint is relatively simple. However, this simplicity is usually offset by the critical nature of an expensive, large horsepower critical load.

There are other applications such as constant torque compressors and so forth where large medium voltage VFDs are serviced by us.

In addition to doing medium voltage VFD service and repair work, we regularly do preventive maintenance (PM) on them. PM on critical medium voltage VFDs is a good idea, given the cost of downtime, and the often long lead times on parts.

Medium Voltage Drive VFD preventive maintenance (PM) is an especially good idea where the bus capacitors are concerned. (See “Replacing the bus caps in a Siemens Robicon..

EMA has been in the VFD repair business for a long time, and we enjoy the highest measured customer satisfaction level in our business. You can contact us by calling 770-448-4644 OR by hitting any of the contact icon son the right of this page.

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