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Industrial Electronic Repair Service

EMA has been doing Industrial Repairs for many years. Our core expertise is electronic motor drives, but additionally, we repair almost all industrial electronics. Our industrial electronic repair service has remained a consistent, albeit evolving part of our business for 25 years.

industrial repairEMA is primarily known as a VFD and DC Drive company. And that reputation is well deserved, but we also have a substantial industrial electronic repair service business.

Industrial electronic repair services have changed over the years, as have we. It was very common at one time for us to receive hundreds of stand alone circuit boards for repair. The industrial electronic repair service business has changed not due to us, but simply from circuit board manufacturers being much more efficient, with surface mounted components and low prices. In many cases, its simply less expensive now to purchase another board than repair. Hence the changes in our industrial electronic repair services business.

However, portions of the industrial electronic repair service are still very active. At EMA, we have served as a national industrial electronic circuit board repair center for many companies, including forklift companies, power supply companies, process controllers, electronic motor drive boards, field controllers, touch screen monitor companies, and many more. Much of this industrial electronics is still in service, and is difficult if not impossible to replace. At EMA we maintain our industrial electronic repair service for our customers.

Industrial electronic repair services are normally done in a shop environment, but we have done critical industrial electronic repair services in the field. This is sometimes necessary when removing the equipment in question is difficult, or in some cases, a portion of the circuitry is working and downtime can be avoided. This type of industrial electronic repair service is usually more expensive than the normal shop repair.

We have over the years built up quite a database of prints, some of which we’ve drawn ourselves to facilitate industrial electronic repair services for our customers. IF the situation warrants, in many cases, we can actually reverse engineer and draw schematics for our industrial electronic repair service customers.

As always, we enjoy the highest measured customer satisfaction level of any company in the business. Call us at 800-848-2504or hit any of the contact icons on the right of this page to discuss your industrial electronic repair service needs.

When you think of industrial electronic repair service, think of EMA.


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  1. It makes sense that people would want to rely on professionals to fix electronics. This is especially true in an industrial setting! It would be bad if someone accidentally handled things incorrectly and damaged some expensive equipment.

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