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Variable Frequency Drive Repair.. really?

I’ve joked for years that the quickest way EVER to kill conversation at a party is to start explaining what we do. Our customers, employees, and prospects all know what a variable frequency drive, or VFD, is.. but try explaining that you repair VFD equipment for a living, and watch their eyes glaze over. treycropped(IF- You need a VFD repair or service call.. call us now at 800-848-2504800-848-2504 OR use any of the contact methods on the right of this page)

I used to do a tongue in cheek rating of which VFD repair people were the most boring, and Allen Bradley (Rockwell) always topped the list. But, VFD repair to the majority of people is boring period, so I guess all of us that repair VFDs for a living are a little boring. We had some fun with boring VFD Repair in a video we had done.. click HERE to watch it.. pretty funny..

VFD Repair is in fact, a very interesting and rewarding occupation. VFD Repair people get to work in a variety of industries and situations. VFD Repair folks here at EMA can be anywhere from an offshore oil platform, to a football stadium repairing VFDs. We get to repair VFDs from small horsepower HVAC applications, to VFD Repairs on medium voltage VFDs rated at thousands of horsepower.

We’re almost always looking for experienced VFD Repair people, and if you have hands on experience repairing VFD equipment, then we’d like to talk with you. Just use any of the contact methods here on our site.

Who gets into the VFD repair business? There seems to be two primary paths into VFD repair. The first is an engineering degree, and you find a number of electrical engineers doing VFD repair and field service. The second most common method is from the trades. Really good electronic techs or even electricians often move into VFD repair as they study and learn their trade better.

It really helps in VFD repair if you have a knack for mechanical concepts. We often have to adjust torque, inertia, and so forth to get a machine tuned. VFD repair service is hard if you are unable to grasp basic mechanical concepts. Problems in the VFD repair business are often reported to us in mechanical terms.. i.e. “the machine is vibrating too much.” Many newbies in the VFD repair field have a hard time marrying the mechanical concepts to the electrical and electronic.

In addition to the technical requirements.. much of the VFD repair business is done in the field. VFD Field Service is a huge part of our business, and VFD repair in the field requires a friendly and customer oriented personality in addition to technical VFD repair skills.

IF you need a VFD or DC Drive repaired or tuned, then call us at 800-848-2504800-848-2504. We are located in Georgia, New York, and Pennsylvania. (See the bottom of this page for exact locations).. You can also contact us by the various contact methods on the right of this page.

VFD Repair.. No-One, Anywhere, is Better at Drives than we are.


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  1. Hello,

    I have a KB model KBAC-27D that I personally burned. I attempted to power up a 10hp motor and overloaded the VFD. Is that something you can fix. It is a single phase 220 volt input three phase output.

    Thank you,


    1. Yes it is but unfortunately, drives of this size are just not worth repairing. We have the expertise to do the repair, but when you factor in the relatively inexpensive cost to replace them completely, it just isn’t economical. We call these repairs “beyond economical repair”. I would suggest simply purchasing a new one. There are many vendors who sell them including here:
      Thanks for your interest in EMA!

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