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Siemens Robicon Medium Voltage Power Cells in Stock

EMA is stocking refurbished Robicon Perfect Harmony Medium Voltage Power Cells. These units come with a warranty.

EMA regularly repairs the Siemens Robicon Perfect Harmony medium voltage VFD.

In addition we stock major parts for sale, including the power cells. We have a number of these in stock, for Robicon Medium Voltage VFD s (Perfect Harmony) up to 1750 HP.

Call 800-848-2504800-848-2504, OR hit the “Questions?” icon on the bottom of this page.

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  1. Gentlemen,
    May i request a quote for 1 unit of Power Cell for Robicon Perfect Harmony medium voltage vfd? Part Number is LDZ14501000.100, G3 CELL NBH 100A 630V. May i also request for a separate quote on the repair of a faulted Power Cell for this type of medium voltage vfd.
    You may email your reply to my email below.
    Hope to recieve an immediate response regarding this matter as we are now experiencing a frequent-recurring alarms and shutdown with the mentioned equipment.
    Thank you very much.

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