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Shipboard and Marine VFD (Variable Frequency Drives)

VFD s are used in a variety of shipboard and marine applications . EMA provides field service on marine variable frequency drives.

Marine Propulsion systems often use Medium Voltage VFD s, but even low voltage VFD s are used in a variety of applications including pumps, hoists, and cranes.

EMA is proud to have a relationship with Moni Islam, who chairs the committee for upgrading IEEE Standard 45, the standard for designing and reliably operating and maintaining electrical installations aboard ships. (To read an article by Moni, dealing with the recent Carnival Cruise ship electrical failure.. click HERE) (You can contact Moni through us)

EMA provides repair and preventive maintenance services on shipboard VFD s and even DC Drives. IF you need Field Service or preventive maintenance on a medium or low voltage VFD or DC Drive, on or off of a ship, click the “questions” balloon at the bottom right, or the contact icon at the top.

Preventive Maintenance can pay big dividends on shipboard and marine VFD systems. (Click HERE to read a recent article about Marine VFD failures) Harmonics, heat, and contaminants can wreck havoc with Variable Frequency Drives aboard ships. A good preventive maintenance program can head that off.

No one, anywhere is better at drives than we are. EMA offers on line support for VFD s and Controls.


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