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EMA: 29 years of Medium and Low Voltage Service

EMA Inc.EMA is thankful to be celebrating 29 years of Medium and Low Voltage Drive service.  We have the best customers in the world, located all over the globe.   EMA recently performed medium voltage VFD service in Qatar, France, Canada, Columbia,  and Mexico.  In addition we’ve been doing medium voltage VFD service on off shore oil platforms in both the Gulf of Mexico and California, and a number of industrial plants and municipal water and waste water plants all over the country.  You’ll also find us at major universities, and number of other commercial enterprises.

We sell new medium (and low)  voltage VFDs and have (we think) the largest stock of refurbished medium voltage VFDs in the world.

With three strategically located locations to better serve our customers,  EMA is experiencing record growth.  Our future outlook is bright.

EMA began as a service operation, servicing  primarily low voltage AC and DC  drives.  We’ve expanded with a world wide clientele,  and the best reputation in the industry.  Despite our success, we do not take our growth for granted.  We’re well aware that we must earn our customers’ business each and every time they call us. 

No One, Anywhere, is Better at Drives than we are..  and we’re in our 29 year of it.

Call us at 770-448-4644 OR use any of the convenient contact methods on this site, including live chat during normal business hours.




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