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Refurbished Medium Voltage VFDs for sale

EMA has refurbished medium voltage VFDs in stock and for sale.  They carry a full warranty and are fully tested and operational.  Most are rated at 4160 volts. As far as we know, we have the largest stock of refurbished medium voltage VFDs in the world. 

There are several reasons to consider a refurbished medium voltage VFD. 

  • Cost..  Significant cost savings are accomplished by using refurbished medium voltage VFDs.  
  • Delivery..  Most of the refurbished medium voltage VFDs we have in stock can be shipped almost immediately.
  • Exact replacement of an existing medium voltage VFD.   If your existing medium voltage VFD needs replacing, putting the exact model in its place can save significant time and money during installation.

We have in our present stock a number of Toshiba T300MVI medium voltage VFDs in a variety of horsepower ratings.  Many of these have never been used or even installed.  They are from cancelled projects.

We also have refurbished Siemens / Robicon Perfect Harmony VFDs in stock in a variety of horsepower ratings.   In addition to complete units, we carry power cells, circuit boards, cooling fans, and Multilin protection relays.   

EMA has the most advanced medium voltage drive test stands of any independent, and can test power cells, complete drives, and peripherals.  We invite interested parties to visit us in Norcross (Atlanta) GA USA. 

We sell these refurbished medium voltage VFDs all over the world, and do repair, Preventive Maintenance (PM) and start ups on this equipment as well. 

We encourage you to contact us via our site,  our  online support (on the right of this page) or by calling 770-448-4644.   If you’re interested in a refurbished drive, we invite you to visit and “kick the tires” before you purchase.  After the purchase we can support you with startup, training, and help.  All of our refurbished drives carry the same warranty as a new drive.  They just cost a lot less.

No One, Anywhere, is Better at Drives than We are..    call 770-448-4644 now. 


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