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Refurbished 1000 HP Medium Voltage VFDs for sale

EMA has several refurbished Toshiba T300MVI 1000 HP medium voltage VFDs for immediate sale at great pricing. This are surplus, and refurbished, but UNUSED drives, and will carry a full warranty.

Toshiba T300 MVI Medium Voltage VFDWe bought these units from a cancelled project, refurbished them, and have some of them ready for immediate shipment. While these refurbished Toshiba T300MVI medium voltage VFDs are priced aggressively, they carry a full warranty. These are not USED medium voltage VFDs, they were never placed in service; they’re just priced like they are.

These refurbished medium voltage VFDs would be great for anywhere between 500 and 1000 HP at 4160 volts. We also have some available in 3300 volts.

This is probably the best pricing and availability you will find anywhere on a 1000 HP medium voltage VFD. We also have a brand new 1000 HP 480 volt drive ready to go.

No-One, Anywhere, is better at drives than we are.. hit any of the contact methods on the right, or call 770-448-4644770-448-4644.


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  1. We are looking at a 1000HP 4160 drive for a project in Hayward, WI.
    Hoping to see some availability on your current drives you might have in stock.

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