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VFD Repair: Highest measured customer satisfaction level

EMA is a major repair center for VFD s of nearly all brands. While the cost of new VFDs has made repairing smaller units uneconomical at times, our repair shop continues to repair VFDs in considerable numbers, especially high horsepower VFDs. VFD Load StandEMA has some of the best loading and test stands of anyone, anywhere, and all of our VFD repairs are load tested.

In fact, we recently upgraded our loading facilities by installing a large generator to provide high currents for large horsepower drives.

We repair VFDs every day, and have done so for years. The warranty return on repairs is negligible, due to both many years of Baldor VFDexperience, and load testing. We actively measure our customers’ opinions of us, and we generally run between 98 and 99% of customers that say they were “Fully Satisfied” with their last EMA repair experience. That’s the highest measured customer satisfaction level that we know about in the VFD repair business.

VFD Repair

We do see a trend to larger and larger horsepower VFD repairs. Many shops can change damaged components on large VFDs, but most cannot load them. To be perfectly honest, we learned the fallacy of this the hard way. Too many returns from load related failures, taught us that loading is necessary.

We decided that if we were going to be a professional repair facility, that we had to invest in the proper equipment. We have done so, and our customers’ high opinions of our work is the result.

We began doing medium voltage VFD repairs some years ago. Medium Voltage VFDs are a different ball game altogether than the more common 480 volt VFDs. These are normally high horsepower units, where failures following a repair are costly. These are often field service jobs, but on occasion, we get them into the shop.

Yaskawa RepairWe routinely repair nearly all brands of VFDs; on any given day we will repair an ABB VFD, a Rockwell VFD, a Siemens VFD, a Yaskawa VFD, a Hitachi VFD, a Toshiba VFD, a WEG VFD, and many others.

Need a VFD repair? Then contact us via one of the contact icons on the right or call us at one of the numbers on the bottom of this page.

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