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New, Old Stock and Refurbished Medium Voltage VFDs for Sale

With the global supply chain shortage in full force, our customers are having a very hard time finding a drive available in a reasonable amount of time. Major VFD manufacturers have increased their lead times and prices dramatically in the past year. At EMA we’ve been accumulating medium voltage variable frequency drives from canceled projects and plant closures for years, giving us one of the largest stocks of medium voltage drives in the country. These drives come with a full warranty covered by us, and because we’re buying them in bulk and at discount prices, we can pass the saving to our customers. 

We’re much more than a wholesaler

We can tailor any of these drives to meet your specific needs by adding additional options if desired. Each drive comes with drawings specific to the drive and the expertise of the Medium Voltage VFD experts at EMA.   Need startup help? We can do that too. Our field service engineers are extremely familiar with starting up multiple models of medium voltage variable frequency drives.   Need parts too? We’ve gathered parts from all kinds of medium voltage variable frequency drives that are new and refurbished. We have a large stock of Toshiba Medium Voltage power cells as well as Siemens/Robicon Perfect Harmony power cells. And since we have load stands to test them, you have the assurance that you’re getting equipment from medium voltage VFD experts, not some random parts dealer. 

Why EMA?

As mentioned above, we’re more than just a distributor or parts dealer, we can help you with the entire process of what you need and how to get it. Plus, we’ll support you throughout the life of that drive with Preventative Maintenance or Field Service.   Call us, email us, or click our live support chat feature to speak with one of our application engineers.   Let us prove to you that No One, ANYWHERE Is Better At Drives Than We Are! 

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