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YES, We Have 480 Volt Drives In Stock!

In our 32 plus years of business we have NEVER seen a supply shortage like we are currently experiencing. When my career first started, EMA was a “stocking distributor” for multiple VFD brands. We eventually shifted away from that business model because drives were so readily available we simply did not see the advantage of keeping a large stock. My how the times have changed?! Drives that used to be shelf items are now experiencing lead times of 20, 30, and even 40 weeks with no end in sight! Customers that were once very brand loyal are no longer that way. “Give me whatever you have,” is now the common phrase we hear. 

EMA still has significant stock of 480V drives that are ready to go and can be shipped immediately. We have a variety of brands available in a variety of sizes. If you need 460/480 Volt Variable Frequency Drives immediately, contact us to see how we can help you. 

Click on this updated spreadsheet to get an idea of what is currently available, but please note: this spreadsheet is subject to change and is meant to give you an idea of what we have. For the most updated availability, please contact us via the online chat, email, or call us at 770-448-4644

Looking for something refurbished, used, or odd? We also have an eBay store with a variety of items ready to ship as well.  

Long ago, our business primarily shifted to Medium Voltage VFDs (hey, we have those in stock too), because the need for drive experts like us is much greater with medium voltage drives than low voltage drives. However, our roots in low voltage are still deep, so if you’re desperate for a drive, we’re here to help! 

Man smashing keyboard against computer monitor at his desk
Current customers looking for any drive in stock


Don’t ruin your day (or smash your computer) looking for a low voltage drive, Call us, Email Us, or click our live support chat feature to speak with one of our application engineers.  

Let us prove to you that No One, ANYWHERE Is Better At Drives Than We Are! 


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