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Medium Voltage MV VFD (Drives) for sale

EMA provides and stocks medium voltage MV drives for the oil fields, water and waste water, mining, pumping applications, and general industry. Call 800-848-2504 for a quick quote.

Medium voltage VFDs, while similar to low voltage VFD s in many ways are markedly different. Simple application errors become costly and time consuming, not to mention dangerous. In addition, harmonics and mechanical instabilities can become pronounced when medium voltage drives are introduced. EMA repairs all brands of medium voltage vfds, so we’re well acquainted with the problems.

IF you’ve called someone else about a medium voltage drive or application, then you already know what a run around most companies give you. At EMA, we are experts in medium voltage drives, but even more than that, we’re friendly down to earth people that will return calls and treat you respectfully.

Call 800 848-2504 or if after hours, click the contact icon on the top right of this page.

IF you’re experiencing a service problem and need repair or technical assistance, click the live support icon on the right.

We’re here to assist you.


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