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Moog Repair.. when the old board’s burned..

Oftentimes, shop repairs just involve diagnosing the problem, discovering bad parts, and replacing them. But in this global world of short-lived products, replacing the parts can sometimes be a challenge.

Our Cortland New York facility recently received a Moog servo for repair, that had a destroyed suppression board. A suppression board isn’t especially complicated, but a new one wasn’t available, the unit was critical to the customer, and this one was burned beyond repair.

Burned board on the left, blank in the middle, and new on the right

So EMA technician Steve Payne, rather than leave the customer down, just designed another one, had the board manufactured, stuffed it with the proper parts, and reinstalled. After repairing a couple of other issues with the servo, it was tested and sent back to the customer.

At EMA, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile. We often repair items, both complex and simple, that others turn down. Steve is just another example of why no-one, anywhere, is better at drives than we are.

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