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VFD Variable Frequency Drive Training Class

VFD Training classes are offered by a number of people. The thing to consider is that many of the people offering these classes are professional training companies, and their VFD Training instructors, while smart people. often have no real world experience with VFD s. At EMA, our VFD Training classes are taught by people with extensive field service experience in VFDs.

VFD Training ClassEMA holds a number of VFD Training Classes around the country. Some are generic VFD training seminars that are not brand specific, and offer a generalized overview of Variable Frequency Drives and troubleshooting. These VFD Training classes have become quite popular, and are well attended. The image on the left is a recent VFD Training class held in Cortland, NY. These regularly scheduled classes are a very cost effective way of attending a VFD Training Class.

At each of these VFD training classes, we include hands on VFD training as part of the class. The attendees especially seem to enjoy finding problems placed in the VFD by the VFD training instructors.

We also teach VFD training seminars on brand specific variable frequency drive equipment upon request. Often these VFD training seminars are taught at the equipment location. Many facilities have operating VFD equipment that was installed prior to the current operations and maintenance people being employed. As a result, the personnel responsible for both operating and maintaining the VFD equipment are unfamiliar with it.

This type 0f VFD class, while less common, still occurs several times each year. This type of VFD training class often goes deeper into the equipment than the generic VFD training classes. Since these VFD training classes often use the VFD equipment as part of the VFD training, careful scheduling is required to minimize disruptions to the facility operation while the VFD training class is being held.

In addition to the VFD training classes, we still occasionally teach DC Drive training classes. DC Drive training classes are much less common these days, but, very useful if a facility is still using DC drives as part of its operation.

In addition to covering VFD theory and troubleshooting practices in the VFD training classes. We also talk about safety, especially with the growing number of medium voltage VFDs that are out there.

If you’d like to talk with us about VFD training.. we suggest that you hit one of the contact methods on the right of this page, or call your nearest EMA facility. The numbers are at the bottom of this page.

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