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Low Cost Medium Voltage VFDs

Medium Voltage VFDs are coming down in price as the market grows more competitive.  Nonetheless, they remain expensive. The cost is not only the initial price, but the size of medium voltage VFDs means the installation costs are significant.  

All that said,  at EMA we love medium voltage VFDs, enjoy repairing them, and selling them.  They are very reliable, and are becoming more and more commonplace. 

One way to greatly reduce the purchase price and get low cost medium voltage VFDs  is to buy refurbished medium voltage VFDs.  We have the largest stock of refurbished and used medium voltage VFDs in the country.

Low cost medium voltage VFDs does not mean low quality. All are fully tested, and carry a full warranty.  These are in our Atlanta area stock, and ready to ship.   We can add modifications such as Multilin Motor Relays and other instrumentation as needed.

keypadRefurbished (low cost) medium voltage drives from EMA not only run like new, they even look new.  We take care of any cosmetic damage or wear as part of our refurbishing process.  In addition, we do preventive maintenance on them.  Capacitors and other devices that are beyond their expected life are replaced.   We haven’t had even ONE fail yet and we’ve sold numbers of them.  

Low cost means just that..  refurbished medium voltage VFDs often sell at a fraction of what new medium voltage VFDs cost.  But again, we don’t want to over push the low cost medium voltage VFD angle, and give the impression that these refurbished VFDs are inferior.  They are not.  

We don’t just sell and refurbish medium voltage drives, we perform regular field service and repairs.  On any given day, you can find EMA service engineers all over the United States, South America, and Canada servicing medium voltage VFDs. 

We repair the power cells from Robicon, ABB, and Toshiba medium voltage VFDS as well, and have a large stock of spare power cells ready for immediate shipment. 

We welcome interested parties to visit our warehouse and look over our stock.  Call 770-448-4644 or use any of the contact methods on this site to inquire about a specific horsepower rating.  The odds are, we have what you’re looking for. Most of our refurbished medium voltage VFDs are rated at 4160 VAC.  

No One, Anywhere, is Better at Drives (or refurbished Medium Voltage VFDs) than we are. 



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