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WEG Contactors

EMA provides WEG Contactors and is proud to be associated with WEG. WEG has drives, motors, and softstarters, and enjoys a great industry reputation. WEG also supplies Contactors, and EMA is proud to offer the WEG Contactors along with their other products. weg contactorsWhile an electromechanical contactor might not be as sexy as a VFD or PLC, the failure of a contactor can cause significant downtime. (And, can have a longer delivery time than either)

The WEG contactors are available in a wide range. The CWM general-purpose contactor has been designed for reliable industrial duty.

The WEG Contactors are rated for inductive loads up to 800A or 600Hp@460V. WEG contactors are a suitable replacement for almost all other contactor brands. The best news is, they are stocked here in Atlanta for immediate shipment.

The WEG Contactors are designed for extended mechanical and electrical life, offering dependable switching in even the most heavy-duty applications.
Here at EMA, we can not only help you select the proper WEG contactor or overload relay, but can help with installation.
And, if you need a WEG contactor, you won’t find anyone easier to deal with than EMA. Hit any of the contact methods on the right of this page, including our live chat, or call 770-448-4644770-448-4644
IF you need a WEG Contactor.. get in touch with us.. !
No-One, Anywhere, is Better at Drives than we are.

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