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EMA is one of the most respected VFD Repair Companies in the country. It’s not something we take for granted or lightly. There are a number of fine VFD repair companies around, but it’s an industry that’s changed. EMA has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any VFD repair company that we know about. A few years ago, VFD repair companies spent most of their time repairing small horsepower VFDs. That was driven by two things; the relatively high cost of VFDs, and the relative ease at which VFD repair companies could obtain repair parts on small VFDs.

As a general rule, most VFD repair companies find that lower horsepower VFDs cost more in parts and time to repair than to replace; that’s changed the VFD repair industry.

Changing components on a Toshiba T300MVi cell

At EMA, like most other VFD repair companies, our VFD repair business has migrated toward repairing higher horsepower and medium voltage VFDs.

However, there are exceptions. Our goal, in every case, is to do what’s best for our customer. There are times, when a small, no longer manufactured, VFD is so entrenched into a particular machine or system, that replacing it is more expensive than repairing. Even though the VFD repair may actually exceed the original cost of the VFD.

So, what goes wrong with VFDs? In general, VFDs are quite reliable. You’ll find some other posts within our blogs and newsletters that detail several repair suggestions, but here’s a list of common failures.

  • Loose connections. Don’t laugh, its a major cause of VFD downtime. Check simple stuff first. Is a plug on the main circuit board loose? Try that first, before trying a more complex VFD repair.
  • Cooling Fans. Major cause of problems. Some VFD s will let you know about this, but most won’t until you begin tripping on over temperature. The over heating can and almost certainly will cause major issues long term, so check this often.
  • Electrolytic Capacitors. These have relatively short lives compared to other components, and, overheating shortens it even more.

    An EMA Service Engineer checks capacitors for tolerance
  • Power Semiconductors. These are less common, but drastic failures. If this happens, do NOT just replace the IGBT or Diode, find out why if failed. Or, you’ll likely just be replacing it again as soon as you power up.
  • VFD Software or programming. Was it running before you tried changing a parameter? Then put it all back to where it was and see if that fixes it. Don’t automatically install factory suggested software revisions until you back up what’s running. In general, if its running fine now, leave the programming alone.
  • Circuit boards. These are much less common failures than one might think, but is often the first thing suspected when an inexperienced technician begins to repair a VFD.

Almost any VFD repair company will talk a good game. Expertise does matter, but everyone has dealt with “experts” that were not pleasant to deal with. EMA is a VFD repair company that enjoys over a 98% “fully satisfied” rating with customers. We don’t know of anyone else close. Do we have expertise? Of course, but even more, we’re great at the ‘high-touch’ side of VFD repair.

You’ll enjoy your experience with us. The best VFD repair company in the country.

Call 770-448-4644 or hit one of the contact methods on the right of this page. No-one, Anywhere, is Better At Drives Than We Are.


8 Responses

  1. Hi

    We have a 300 hp refrigerant cooled Carrier chiller VFD that needs repaired.

    Are you able to do this type of repair?



    1. Yes, we are able to repair this type of drive, liquid cooled drives are not that uncommon. We do free evaluations on repairs. You are welcome to send it into whichever of our three branches is closest to you. Or you’re welcome to call us 1-770-448-4644 for more information.

  2. I have a Mitsubishi A200 VFD (very low hours) that was working properly when I last used the CNC milling machine. The machine is always disconnected when out of service so it is not susceptible to damage caused by spikes on the service line. Also there has not been any electrical storms. I powered the machine up and the spindle ran fine until the program called for a lower speed and that is when the spindle died. I reset the machine and started the spindle through the Manual Date Input interface and as long as the spindle speed is increased then there is no problem with the exception that there is no braking when the spindle is switched off. I built the machine 17 years ago and I’m a shame to admit that I’m not that smart today. I have a new drive but I have no memory of the parameter settings that I set on the existing drive. What is the typical turn around time on a drive repair and are the parameter settings disturbed?

    1. Ron
      Typical turnaround time is 2 business weeks depending on parts availability. When we do a repair, it is sent back with the same parameters that it came in with unless some circumstance (like replacing the logic board) dictates that it has to be reset to factory. You’re more than welcome to send it in for a free evaluation:
      EMA Inc
      ATTN: Repairs
      5220 Langford Park Drive
      Suite A
      Norcross, GA 30071

      Please include all of your information so we know how to contact you.

    1. Unfortunately, we not longer repair items like that these days. We strictly repair large low voltage drives and medium voltage cells.

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