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We buy surplus medium voltage VFDs from cancelled projects

EMA buys surplus (used and new) medium voltage VFDs from cancelled projects and equipment upgrades.  If you have surplus medium voltage VFDs in your inventory, you should contact us by any of the methods on this site, or by calling 770-448-4644.  

In general, EMA is interested in the used or surplus medium voltage variable frequency drive (VFD) regardless of condition. Again, just call 770-448-4644 or use any of the contact methods on  this page, including the live support feature.

We sell, commission, and service new medium voltage VFDs. However, we also stock, refurbish, test, sell, and guarantee surplus and used VFDs

IF  you have used or surplus medium voltage VFDs, we can help by taking them off your hands. We can even help remove them.

Give us a call..


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