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Strong Year for Medium Voltage VFD Repair Service Business

2020 has most assuredly been a strange year.  We’ve had to deal with Covid issues just like almost every other business in America, but this has been a strong year for our medium voltage VFD repair and service business.  Siemens Robicon Perfect Harmony Repair

We’ve had this strong year repairing and servicing  medium voltage VFDs despite the overall economic slowdown.  We attribute it to several factors, and the first one is going to sound like bragging (but it’s simply a fact)

  • Our reputation for repair and service of medium voltage VFDs is extraordinary.  Sometimes it even surprises us!   We regularly measure our customer satisfaction levels, and it remains the highest of anyone in our industry.  People that are dissatisfied with medium voltage VFD repair and service from the drive manufacturers regularly seek us out.  We have aggressive sales and marketing but many of our new accounts come from people that heard about us from another customer.  Our motto (again which sounds like bragging, but we MEAN it) is that No One, Anywhere, is Better at Drives than we are.   That’s simply in our DNA.
  • Given the Covid crisis, many facilities find themselves short of help that can repair and service medium voltage VFDs.  We have been able to fill this gap.  
  • With more people working from home, industries that service and support that effort have found themselves swamped.  When those business utilize medium voltage VFDs, they call us to repair and service them. 
  • There are more and more medium voltage VFDs in the market, and most are now out of warranty.  Many are calling us to repair and service those medium voltage VFDs.  
  • We expanded our medium voltage VFD power cell repair test stands prior to Covid, and that business has expanded considerably as a result. 

So, we hope all of you are staying safe, and praying that the vaccine and other measures will diminish the Covid threat for all of us.  We work hard at keeping our associates Covid free just as you do yours. 

EMA offers field and shop repair  service on all brands of medium voltage VFDs.  We also offer routine PM service, bus capacitor replacement,  startups, retrofits, and new equipment.  We have one of the largest stocks of used and refurbished medium voltage VFDs in the world. 

We have facilities to serve you both in Georgia and Upstate New York.  Call 770-448-4644 or just hit the online chat at the bottom of this screen.  

When it comes to repair and service of medium voltage VFDs, No One Anywhere, is Better at Drives than we are.









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