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“Cookie Cutter” VFD solutions are not always the answer

Variable Frequency Drive applications are rarely identical, even though at first glance, the VFD applications may look similar.watertreatment Every VFD application is designed to meet specific needs. With that being the case, why do so many people accept “cookie cutter” products and services for their VFD applications?

To be sure, Variable Frequency Drive manufacturers have done a remarkable job including very sophisticated VFD application software into their products. Most industrial VFD s now have the capability to auto-tune, have built in PID controllers, and an impressive number of application macros.

But, our service experience has taught us that despite these wonderful achievements, it’s a huge mistake to think of VFD applications in terms of a one-size fits all, cookie cutter approach. It’s admittedly tempting, but often the wrong approach to your VFD application.

Today there are many companies knocking on your door to obtain your business. But do they have the expertise to see you and your needs as an individual, or are you lumped into a “cookie cutter” theory where a fan is a fan and a pump is a pump-period?

The systems you maintain and operate were designed for your facility and its needs at the time of installation. Over the course of time, those needs change. Technology has evolved and must be factored in when it’s time for an upgrade.

At EMA, we pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction rating, and one reason for it being the highest in our industry, is because we see each customer as an individual. And, each application as unique. We offer a wide range of products and services that are customized, rather than standardized, and backed by our “Service After The Sale” philosophy and expertise. So break out of the cookie cutter mold! Contact us today to discuss your precise VFD application and service needs.

We say it and believe it.. “No One, Anywhere, is better at Drives than we are”


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