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York MVVSD Repair

York MVVSD (Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives) series drives are used on large, medium voltage York chillers, in ranges up to 10,000 horsepower. It is common to see VFDs used in low voltage chillers and compressors, but due to decreasing costs of electronics, medium voltage VFDs are becoming more common because of the potential energy and mechanical savings on medium voltage chillers and compressors. For further information on how VFDs can save energy on variable torque applications, click here.

York MVVSDs are actually manufactured by Toshiba and brand labeled by York. They are part of the Toshiba (Tosvert 300MVi) T300MVi generation of Medium Voltage VFDs. EMA is a factory certified service provider on the Toshiba T300MVi and T300MV2 Medium Voltage VFDs.

Most of the “guts” are the same between a standard Toshiba Medium Voltage VFD and the York MVVSD but there are a few minor differences: The Toshiba T300MVi and T300MV2 drives are painted grey, while the York MVVSD are painted dark green. The firmware and the HMI/Keypad are also different between the two.

This is a common nameplate of a MVVSD used on a York Chiller

Our service engineers work across the country troubleshooting and repairing York MVVSD series VFDs. We have experience on the following York Medium Voltage VSD models;  MVVSD2250RK-88, MVVSD0800RK-84 and MVVSD2000RK MV VSDs.  Our Medium Voltage test facility is fully equipped to repair and test medium voltage power modules. Take a tour of our facility by clicking here.

If you have a need for repair or service on York MVVSDs, please give us a call at 770-448-4644 or contact us via the online chat to the right of this page.

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