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Reconditioned medium voltage (MV) VFDs

The market for reconditioned / refurbished medium voltage (MV) VFDs is growing, and we have a number in stock.

2500 HP refurbished VFD shipping out
2500 HP refurbished VFD shipping out

Like any other reconditioned / refurbished equipment, medium voltage VFDs require a bit of caution when purchasing. Refurbished or reconditioned medium voltage VFDs fall into several categories.

  • Brand New (from cancelled projects)
  • Taken out of service working
  • Taken out of service not working

Brand New, never used medium voltage VFDs are available from cancelled projects. While these have never been installed, it is possible they have been stored in environments that can be detrimental. For that reason, we examine and test run ALL VFDS we receive regardless. Reconditioned / refurbished medium voltage VFDs mean exactly that.. they are guaranteed to run, and in most cases, carry a one year warranty.

It’s the same for the other categories of reconditioned / refurbished medium voltage (MV) VFDs. Even if taken out working, there’s a good chance that it needs an overhaul. Since we warranty these for one year, we want to be sure the units are in top notch condition when they leave here.

Pricing on reconditioned / refurbished medium voltage (MV) VFDs is substantially below the cost of a new unit. As of this writing, we have several reconditioned/ refurbished Toshiba T300MVi medium voltage (MV) VFDs in stock, along with a number of Siemens / Robicon Perfect Harmony medium voltage VFDs. We often have other brands as well, in a variety of horsepower sizes. Most of the ones we carry are 4160 volt units.

We offer startup assistance, and service after the sale on reconditioned / refurbished medium voltage MV VFDs as well. (In addition to repair service on almost all brands of medium voltage VFDs)

Contact us by any of the methods on the right of this page OR call, 770-448-4644 to discuss service, new or reconditioned / refurbished medium voltage VFDs.


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