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25,000 HP Medium Voltage VFD (Nidec / Ansaldo)

Nidec (formerly Ansaldo) makes a medium voltage VFD with a rating of 25,000 HP. This is a voltage source VFD. (almost everyone else making a 25,000 HP VFD is using a current source VFD)nidec-silcovertthVoltage Source medium voltage VFDs offer a big advantage over current source, and especially in the 25,000 HP VFD range. Many manufacturers make voltage source medium voltage VFDs in the 10,000 HP range and below.

But there are applications that require larger horsepowers, such as Gas Compressors, and the air gets more rarefied when hunting medium voltage VFDs above 10,000 HP. And, in voltage source medium voltage VFDs, it’s rare indeed.

Nidec (formely Ansaldo) has been building very large horsepower medium voltage VFDs for some time. EMA is proud to be a distributor and service center for Nidec’s large horsepower medium voltage VFDs.

The Nidec/Ansaldo Silcovert TH is based on Cascaded H-Bridge multilevel topology. Click Here for our blog on Topology. This design is similar to what you will find in the Robicon/Siemens Perfect Harmony MV VFDs. This is a 7 level topology.

EMA began selling and servicing medium voltage VFDs a number of years ago, and it has become one of our primary revenue streams. We’re one of the very few 3rd party service organizations with medium voltage VFD experience, including experience on very large medium voltage VFDs, such as a 25,000 HP.

We work on almost all existing brands, including Nidec / Ansaldo VFDs, Siemens / Robicon, Allen Bradley, Toshiba, ABB, and others.

Above 25,000 HP, VFDs are exclusively current source topology at the present time. Nidec / Ansaldo is a leader in these high horsepower medium voltage VFD applications.

Do you have a medium voltage or high horsepower VFD application? Or, do you need repair service or preventative maintenance on the medium voltage VFDs you have? Need a used medium voltage VFD?

Then call us at 770-448-4644 OR contact us via any of the methods on the right of this page, including our online support.

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