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Oil and Gas VFD s (Variable Frequency Drives)

VFD s in the Oil and Gas industry are increasingly commonplace, and increasingly critical to both production and exploration. EMA provides new drive equipment and field services on all makes of both low and medium voltage VFDs.

Oil and Gas VFDVFDs are used by Oil and Gas engineers to improve performance, increase reliability, and save energy. (IF you require emergency service on a VFD, click the contact icon on the top right, or the Live Support Button now)

The energy savings potential is highest when the driven load is a centrifugal pump or fan. The savings can far exceed anything possible by using vanes, valves, and dampers. Since the reliability of modern electronics now exceeds that of many mechanical devices, most operators experience less down time using a VFD to vary the flow rather than traditional mechanical means.

On constant torque compressors and positive displacement pumps, while there is some energy savings to be captured, it does not equal that of a centrifugal load. Engineers and operators apply VFD s to these loads to achieve tighter process control and to improve longevity and reliability over mechanical controls.

We do field service daily on VFDs and even older DC Drives. Much of the time, the problem, even within a VFD, is a mechanical problem. These can range from dirty contactors, to failed cooling fans, to loose wiring. Those failures are much more common than, for instance, a failed drive microprocessor.

The VFDs themselves are remarkably reliable. We do encourage users to implement a regular preventive maintenance program. You can either do this yourself, or let us do it for you. SEE this link to SERVICES . You might also enjoy reading a blog by one of our service engineers on 5 simple preventive maintenance steps.

We’d be happy to talk with you about your low and medium voltage VFD applications. Call us at 800-848-2504800-848-2504 OR click the contact Icon at the top right of this page. (Or, if during normal hours, click the live support button on the right)


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