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LG VFD is now LS Drives or LS Industrial Systems

EMA has always been privileged to have service relationships with some of the finest drive companies in the world. To list a few.. we have service relationships with WEG, with Toshiba, with Hitachi, with Danfoss, with LTI Servos, with Yaskawa, and most recently, with LS Industrial Systems, or LS Drives. LsislogoYou may not be familiar with the LS name, but it’s how the more famous LG company is marketing its industrial drive product. Almost everyone has heard of LG, primarily as a high quality consumer electronics manufacturer.

They are not newbies to the drive market, in fact, they hold a significant world lsdrivewide share of the VFD market, but they are relatively new to the U.S. Their drives are quite competitive price-wise, in fact, in most HP ranges, we haven’t seen anything lower. Quality and feature wise, from what we see, the LS VFD s stand up to anyone.

LSIS Drive StockEMA is stocking some drives for LS both in our Georgia and New York locations. Call us if you want to try one. These drives are advertised as In-Expensive and In-Stock.

EMA.. no-one, anywhere, is better at drives than we are.


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