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Integrating the Toshiba T300MVI MV VFD

Sometimes the delivery on critical MV VFD applications can be intolerable for customers. Typical delivery times from MV VFD manufacturers normally range from 12 to 24 weeks. The Toshiba T300MVi has some of the best features in today’s MV VFD market place that we know about. One of its most appealing features is the input disconnect which is included as a standard package. This MV VFD feature is optional for most of the manufacturers of MV VFDs.

We were involved in a recent Oil and Gas project, where the customer needed five MV VFDs. All of the bells and whistles they needed were not possible via the manufacturer within the required time frame. Due to the small nature of our company, we are able to mobilize quickly and provide the modifications and integration on the Toshiba T300MVi VFDs. This enabled the customer to get his Toshiba T300MVI MV VFDs on time, including all the options needed.

EMA supplied the five standard T300MVI MV VFDs from Toshiba, and integrated all the options that the customer needed. Our engineers designed and made all necessary changes on the electrical drawings, and integrated MPR (Motor Protection Relays) Multilin RS469 on each MV VFD for RTD monitoring. In addition to the RTD monitoring, the Mulitin 469 was used for additional motor voltage and motor current monitoring. (We routinely supply and service the GE Multilins. (See ge-multilin-repair-service-and-setup)

The customer also wanted to add Local/Remote switches and speed potentiometer to allow local operation of T300MVi set point. We were able to deliver in time, helping the customer meet his required project deadline.

EMA currently has seven 1000 HP 4160V T300MVi MV VFDs and two refurbished 1750 HP 4160V Robicon/Siemens VFDs for sale.

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