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Rebuilding SCR Assemblies (Thyristor)

Large horsepower DC drives and high amperage rectifier systems can be expensive to replace. Often its more desirable to rebuild or re-manufacture the thyristor (SCR) assemblies. EMA performs this service.

In general, this simply means removing the old SCRs, and replacing them with new ones, taking care to see that the new devices are mounted properly. By mounting properly, I mean both mechanically and electrically. Devices not mounted properly will either not fire consistently, or will over heat and fail.

Often it’s best to upgrade the voltage and current ratings of the Thyristors and this can be done at minimal additional cost. Many times, when the units were first constructed there may have been limits on what was available. Modern SCR s are built to much higher standards. There is a bit of technical knowledge required to be certain the new devices will fire properly, but at EMA we have over 20 years of experience doing this, so you can rest easy.

Rebuilding DC Drive power assemblies in this way can not only be cost effective, but can result in very little downtime if planned properly. At EMA we’ve done this numerous times, and would enjoy talking with you about your specific equipment. Contact your nearest EMA facility from the list at the bottom of this page or just click the telephone ICON at the top right.

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