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EMA Sells Switchgear

Although post-pandemic supply issues have improved, many industries are still nowhere near pre-pandemic levels. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal outlines that many companies are further reducing inventory in light of the continued supply chain issues caused by disruptions such as the Panama Canal and global wars. At EMA we’ve seen similar issues for our customers, especially when they’re looking to purchase switchgear.

Finding Solutions For Our Customers

Due to the incredibly long lead times in recent years, we have been increasing our efforts to help our customers look for a quicker turnaround. As a result, EMA now offers new and refurbished switchgear. Switchgear turnaround is still averaging around 50-70 weeks, which is simply unacceptable to many of our customers. We could no longer stand by and watch our customers endure that frustration. By developing strategic partnerships and increasing our own stock, EMA is able to offer switchgear to our customers with a much quicker turnaround and often a lower price. We have access to a variety of warehouses (such as the one in the picture below), that currently have switchgear in stock.

We’re More Than A Standard Distributor

One of our vendor’s warehouses stocked with switchgear

EMA has been selling, maintaining, and applying variable frequency drives for over 30 years, and most of those drives have some sort of switchgear feeding them. EMA is much more than a standard parts distributor; we have the expertise to offer custom-made solutions and think outside-the-box in order to meet our customer’s needs and time requirements. We offer a full warranty on all our products (even refurbished ones) as well. We recently had a situation where a well-known manufacturer was quoting 65 weeks lead time and EMA was able to deliver a comparable solution in 12 weeks, saving the customer thousands in potential project delays. We have access to a large inventory of new, refurbished, and new, old stock switchgear with a variety of voltage and amperage ratings. Don’t simply settle for the long lead times! Call us, email us, or click our live chat to talk to us about your switchgear needs today.


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