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Predictive Medium Voltage VFD Maintenance Webinars from EMA

It’s amazing how many webinars we do each month around here. The most popular one we do is “Predictive Maintenance on Medium Voltage VFDs”

EMA has always done training on VFDs, dating back 27 years. Back then we primarily hosted classroom schools on AC and DC drive troubleshooting. We STILL do training on VFD troubleshooting. (See our training page for info)

But far larger numbers of people have now attended our free predictive medium voltage VFD maintenance seminars. There are several reasons for this, for one thing, webinars are convenient, require no travel, and effective.

There’s great interest in predictive maintenance on large HP medium voltage VFDs because the initial costs are high, and the catastrophic failures that can occur from ignoring routine maintenance is horrible.

Predictive medium voltage VFD maintenance seminars are sometimes done for one company, but can encompass several. We normally do not charge, and the seminars last about one hour, with time time left over at the conclusion for questions and discussion.

The predictive medium voltage VFD maintenance webinars can be customized, but in general follow this outline.

  • Common causes of failure
  • How to prevent
  • monitoring methods to predict failure
  • personnel training
  • documentation suggestions
  • an overview and case studies of actual drastic failures.

Interested in talking to us about a predictive maintenance medium voltage VFD webinar? Just use any of the contact methods on the right of this page, including the “live support” or call us at 800-848-2504800-848-2504.

You might take a moment and read a few of our blogs regarding medium voltage VFD failures.. like THIS ONE.

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