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Medium Voltage VFD Repair Service: Bigger than ever

Medium Voltage VFD repair services are an ever increasing part of EMA’s business. That wasn’t true just a few short years ago, but now medium voltage VFD repairs are our largest income stream.

bearcreek2The reason medium voltage VFD repairs services have grown so much is due to several factors. First, of all, there’s an increased population of medium voltage VFDs in the market. Second, there are very few independent companies with the expertise to perform medium voltage VFD repair services. And third, there are medium voltage VFDs that have been in place for decades now, so the need for medium voltage VFD repair services have increased.

In particular, we do a lot of repairs on the Siemens Robicon medium voltage VFD (Perfect Harmony). Robicon did a great job in penetrating the market early on, and consequently have a large number of aging drives in place. These drives contain aging bus capacitors that can cause catastrophic failure if not changed. EMA has done quite a bit of this in a cost effective and timely manner. (see Replacing the Bus Caps in a Siemens Robicon Medium Voltage VFD)

We have a large stock of power cells for the Siemens Robicon Perfect Harmony medium voltage VFD. This allows us to offer repair services in a very efficient manner on these medium voltage VFDs especially .

EMA has been fortunate to sell a number of Medium Voltage VFDs as well, both new and used/reconditioned. We have, as far as we know, the largest stock of reconditioned medium voltage VFDs in the country. We offer full medium voltage VFD repair services on almost all brands of VFDs.

The vast majority of medium voltage VFD repair services we peform are on centrifugal loads, although we do see constant torque loads at times as well.

In addition to offering repair services on medium voltage VFDs, we also do repairs on peripherals such as the Multilin protection relays.

Our repair service offerings on medium voltage VFDs have led to routinely investigating and resolving power quality issues related to the medium voltage VFDs. We teach seminars, and do lunch and learns all over the U.S. on everything from harmonic mitigation to predictive maintenance on the medium voltage VFDs.

Please feel free to contact us via any of the methods on the right of this page, or call 770-448-4644770-448-4644 for any repair or PM needs on your medium voltage VFDs.

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